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Please fill out the form below or give us a call (1-800-421-5824) to speak with a trainer, get pricing, check schedules or ask a question. We provide customised Sales engineer training in the areas listed below.  We can deliver classes on-site, in open class general attendance format, via live webinars or on-line e-learning.

Sales Training

Sales Skills Training for the Technical Side of the Sales Force

Demo Skills Training

Create and Deliver Demonstrations that Win the Sale

Presentation Skills Training

Create and Deliver Customer Focused Presentations

SE Skills  Training

Sales Engineer Skills Training Focused on Complex B2B Sales

Discovery Skills

Learn to Ask Great Questions and Earn Trusted Advisor Status

Working with Channels

Learn to Hire, Train and Support Sales partners

White Board Selling

Create and Deliver White Board Presentations

Story Selling

Tell Customer Relevant Stories and Stand Out from the Competition

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Thank you for your interest in our Training.

To learn more, please contact us on 1-800-421-5824, or send us a note via contact form at the left. 

We provide classes in open format, via on-line e-learning or on-line live webinars, or on-site. All classes included live and recorded sessions with coaching and feedback.

We have been providing Sales, Demo, Presentation and Sales Engineer Skills training for many years.

To help you achieve your training and selling goals, every class is customized to your unique needs; your market, team, technology and product offering.

To see if our program is a good fit for you, we start with a brief discussion of your needs. Based on our discussion we design a class proposal based on your goals.

If you chose to move forward, we create a class and training materials specifically for you and your team and deliver it on-site or over the Web.