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Training for Sales Engineers (SEs)

To reach us right away, just give us a call on 1-800-421-5824 to speak with a trainer, get pricing, check schedules or ask a question. 

Customized Training for Sales Engineers (SEs)

We provide customized Sales Engineer training in the areas listed below.  We can deliver classes via live webinars or on-line e-learning as well as on-site, and in open class general attendance format.  

Customised Onboarding for  Sales Engineers

Want to use a proven SE Training System to help level-set skills and knowledge for the whole team or to help experienced SEs up their game?

For leaders and teams that want to license and use our proven system as part of their overall training and onboarding strategy, we can create a fully customized program that your leaders and training team can use in-house. We provide proven, effective and customised e-Learning content for your internal learning management system (LMS) or ours.


To learn more about each class, please follow the links in the curriculum below

our Sales Engineering Curriculum

Create and Deliver Demonstrations that Win the Sale

Position yourself as a trusted expert, the right person to lead the demo.

Cover exactly and only what you need to win; in the most concise, relevant and compelling way possible,   Learn the skills you need to excel in all real-world sales situations.

Become the "go-to" SE on your team. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to excel as a Sales Engineer. These core skills will help you improve interactions and succeed with prospects and your sales team.

Create and Deliver Customer Focused Presentations. Position yourself as a trusted expert.

Cover exactly and only what you need to win; in the most concise, relevant and compelling way possible,  

Whiteboard Skills for SEs 

Create and Deliver White Board Presentations that increase engagement and drive attention.  Increase overall message clarity.

Position yourself as an expert by showing what you know freehand style!

Selling with Stories

Tell Customer Relevant Stories and Stand Out from the Competition. Help prospects to remember what you said and help spread your message to others.

Discovery Skills

Learn to Ask Great Questions and Earn Trusted Advisor Status. Learn to fully understand you prospect so that you can deliver value messages that win.

Working with Channels

Learn the skills you need to succeed with Reps, partners and other sales channels.

Sales Training for SEs

Sales Skills Training for the Technical Side of the Sales Force. Be comfortable with your role on the sales team. Learn to add value and insight to each phase of the sales cycle.