Demo Skills Training for Sales Engineers


We provide customized demo skills training for you and your team that can be delivered as:

  • On-demand eLearning 
  • Live classes via the web
  • On-site at your facility or ours

Speak with a trainer and learn how we can help you and your team deliver the most concise, relevant and compelling demos possible.

About This Workshop

The Adaptive Advisor Demo Skills Training Workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to conduct effective product demos.

This workshop focuses on identifying each student’s strengths and weaknesses and providing them with new tools to give more effective product/service demonstrations.

After Workshop Completion

After completing this demo skills training workshop, students will:

  • Improve overall Demo Skills
  • Learn a proven, easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful demo structure
  • Understand proper demo structure and rules for effective demos
  • Make the demo a “sales dialog” not a monologue; cover only what is important to the customer
  • Learn check-in techniques to adapt the demo on the fly
  • Know how to cope with unforeseen occurrences
  • Discover how to make sure demo is concise, relevant, and compelling
  • Learn how to use PIE:

    • Permission – Learn to get permission using Adaptive Discovery during the demo
    • Interaction – Handle questions and objections, ask questions to validate that you communicated clearly and effectively
    • Engagement – Use engagement techniques to grab your customers interest and keep it throughout the demo

    Using PIE, you only cover what is important, keeping you customer engaged and  leaving more time for a great sales dialog that lead to a sale. PIE also helps with customer engagement, especially with remote (Web) demos.

Student Profile

This Demo Skills Training workshop is designed for Sales Engineers, subject matter experts, and Technical People that have the responsibility to conduct customer- facing or web-based product or service demonstrations. 


Demo Skills Training Class pre-work  prior to class.

Adaptive Adviser Demo Skills Workshop Outline

Day 1

The first day will focus on learning the Adaptive Adviser Demo concepts and skills. Students will participate in several exercises to help master the material. (Note: eLearning and web based delivery may vary.)

  • Trainer and trainee introductions
  • Introduction of the problems faced by sales engineers when doing live or web-based product demonstrations. Facilitator will allow time for discussion by group and presentation of trainees’ own experiences with these problems
  • Introduction of Adaptive Advisor Demo System and key concepts:
    • Demo Story/Buyers Journey
    • Demo Mindset
    • Demo structure/plan
    • Delivery/Tactics: Permission, interaction, Engagement (PIE)
    • CRC Checks (Concise, Relevant and Compelling)
    • Sales, SE Teamwork
    • Tools (Demo Form, Rubric)


Day 2

On day two, each student will perform two live demos and will receive feedback and coaching. The first demo is focused on showing a mastery of the core demo structure and skills. The second demo will incorporate the feedback and coaching and also include interaction and engagement components.


  • Live demo exercises
    • Present rubric review
    • Each trainee to prepare a demo
    • Each trainee to conduct live demo that will be recorded by training staff
  • Review of each demo along with coaching and feedback
  • Extended LUNCH (Prepare second demo)
  • Live demo exercise 2
    • Each trainee to conduct live demo that will be recorded by training staff
    • Staff and peer feedback and coaching
  • Summary
  • Q&A
  • Training evaluation