Sales Engineer Training (SET) provides Sales Engineer Skills Training, Coaching, Workshops and Resources for Sales Engineers, Subject Matter Experts and Salespeople who sell Technical or Complex Products and Services

Sales Engineer Training Guides

Becoming, Being and Advancing as an SE

Being a Great Sales Engineer

Looking to up your SE game?

Check out our guides to Sales Engineer Excellence!

We show you:

  • The best tools and resources
  • The skills you need to succeed
  • The tips and tricks of the SE game
  • How to create presentations and demos
  • How to handle sales calls and meetings
  • How to be the most valuable SE at your company

Advancing your Sales Engineering Career 

Looking to advance your career?

Check out our SE career Guide!


  • What options you have for advancement
  • The pay range and perks of various roles
  • Which career path is right for you
  • How to plan out and achieve your career goals

Resources for Sales Engineer Leaders

SE Leaders, this section is for you!

We cover:

  • How to hire the best SEs
  • Coaching tips and techniques
  • How to select training 
  • Creating an SE onboarding program
  • Working with Sales Leaders

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