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So you Want to be a Sales Engineer–Take this Quiz!

So you want to be a Sales Engineer. This short quiz will help you decide if you have what it takes to enter this exciting and rewarding field!

Before you take the leap, you should consider the pros and cons that a move to the “dark side” (AKA selling) implies. You may find that you’re more qualified than you thought–or you may avoid a costly mistake!

Enjoy the quiz and let me know what other attributes you consider important to this decision.

Do you have a technical background?

Do you like to talk, do you have the "gift of gab"?

Can you handle chaos in your work schedule?

Do you like to work on one project to completion or do you prefer a varied list of tasks?

Do you think salespeople are lying if  their lips are moving?

Thanks for taking the Quiz. How did you do? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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