Sales Engineer Skills Training - Sales Engineer Training

Sales Engineer Skills Training

Sample Outline: Two Day SE Skills Training Program

The Adaptive Adviser (A2) SE Skills workshop is a two-day program designed to provide your SE team members with a process and the skills needed to drive the technical sale, to engender confidence with customers and to be perceived as a trusted adviser.

Your team will learn to:


  • Understand the role of the SE and how to maximize their strategic value to their customers and sales people
  • Increase productivity and success through improved sales and FAE teamwork
  • Employ the technical sales process to drive to technical closure
  • Establish rapport with their customer
  • Engender confidence and be perceived as a trusted adviser
  • Establish credibility with technical, C-Level and executive audiences
  • Use discovery skills to learn valuable information during customer interactions:
    • Identify technical stake holders
    • Understand the technical decision process and criteria
    • Learn questioning strategies to help uncover customer needs
    • Assess technical fit and technical risk
    • Understand prospect expectations before recommending solutions
    • Qualify an evaluation or Proof of Concept (POC) before committing resources
  • Learn a consultative sales process specifically designed for SEs
  • Properly handle questions including hostile and competitive questions
    • Using Q and A to enhance your credibility
    • How to verify that you understand the question and the intent
    • Confirming with the prospect that their question was answered
    • Choosing the proper level of detail for your answers
    • Dealing with hostile questions
    • Dealing with objections
    • Handling competitive questions
  • Advocate solutions to customers issues NOT just technology
  • Avoid costly mistakes and during prospect meetings
  • Map product benefits to specific roles and needs
  • Deal with competitive issues
  • Work in harmony with the sales team
  • Uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Prepare and deliver compelling presentations and demos
  • Use the white board as a sales tool



Participants will learn and practice the skills that will help drive higher revenue, shorten the sales cycle and increase their overall comfort with the SE role.

We will, of course, customize the agenda to fit your products or services and the needs of your SEs

If you have any questions or require additional information regarding this sample agenda please contact us on:  1-800-421-5824, or send us a note via our contact form.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.